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One of our services is conducting studies and surveys: seeking information, summarising and presenting information understandably. Tyrsky’s experts master the methods of information seeking including reviews, interviews and surveys. Comparative information or interesting examples from different countries are sought in our international surveys. Our versatile language skills and comprehensive European networks are great assets in this work.

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  • Novel soil management practices – key for sustainable bioeconomy and climate change mitigation (SOMPA). Academy of Finland, Strategic Research. 2018-2020.
  • The state and structure of water services. Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities. 2018.
  • Managing climate initiatives: Finland’s strategic position in the Global Climate Action Agenda. Written for the Finnish Ministry for the Environment. In Finnish. 2018.
  • Summary of the Risk Assessment of Biogas production in the Baltic Sea Region from nutrient management perspective. John Nurminen Foundation. 2017.
  • Study on phosphorus recycling from sewage sludge. Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities. 2017
  • How Finland should prepare for the obligations of the international climate agreement. Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities. 2016. Two final reports of the study: Implementation of the Paris Agreement and tasks to develop its rulebook and Pariisin kokouksen jälkeiset näkymät ja suomalaiset ilmastoratkaisut
  • Teaming up for transport. Sustainable modes of transport on children’s leisure journeys. Finnish Transport Agency, HSL Helsinki Region Transport and City of Helsinki Environment Centre. 2015.
  • Preparation of an example on Finsolar project and case studies on Kutsuplus service and Hinku project to be used as teaching material. Climate-KIC Programme, Transitions Hub. 2015.
  • Study on the European Local Energy Assistance (ELENA) support. Motiva. 2015. Project report in Finnish.
  • Project preparing the organisation of information and guidance concerning humidity issues in buildings. The Ministry of the Environment commissioned the report from Motiva. Tyrsky, as a subcontractor of Motiva, carried out group interviews of experts and an internet survey of citizens, and prepared a report of the results. 2015.
  • Popularized description of environmental effects of ruminants, Järki project BSAG. 2015. Project report in Finnish.
  • Study on international examples of biodiversity and wildlife management in agriculture, Järki project Nature and Game Management Trust Finland. 2015. Project report in Finnish.
  • Study on international examples of agricultural water protection, nutrient management and manure management, Järki-project BSAG. 2014. Project report in Finnish.
  • Study on energy poverty in the context of energy renovations in Finland. Ministry of the Environment.  2014. Additional information and report: Ministry of the Environment. 
  • Study on how large businesses may act as locomotives pulling environmental technology SMEs to export markets. Nordic Council. 2014. The main consultant in the project is COWI and Tyrsky is responsible for the Finnish part of the project as a subcontractor. Project Report. 
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